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The Map Kampala

Kirsty Hendersen is a busy woman. After mapping the city of Kigali and Addis Ababa, Kampala was next on the list. 

Prior to roaming thousands of African streets though, Kirsty began the website Living in Rwanda, which aims to inform expats, tourists and locals (hey, that sounds familiar :) about everything you want to know about Kigali and Rwanda in general. A map seemed like a logical next step, since good quality city maps aren't high on the agenda of most African capital cities. The Map Addis joined and now The Map Kampala is a fact.

Kirsty spent about a year and a half to explore the city and map all the best restaurants, shops, lodges, tourist attractions and landmarks. Kirsty wants to show foreign residents, tourist and lifelong locals a new side of Kampala. I like her brief and funny descriptions and illustrations of neighbourhoods and typical city phenomena like marabou storks and boda boda's. Special attention goes out to important (medical & emergencies/ transportation) but also nice-to-know matters like where to get good Ugandan food. 

The map costs 30K and is water - and tear-proof so you can just keep on going if one of Kampala's short but heavy tropical rains is about to begin. You can find the map in major bookshops, restaurants and coffee shops like Prunes, Aristoc,Definition Africa, Kona and Design Hub Kampala.  

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