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We are very excited but also a little bit scared to ‘go live’ soon. It has been more than two years ago that we discussed Kampalala for the first time and it has been an amazing journey, to see our ideas transformed into a real website. Website team Thom and Frank, you are the best!

We hope to connect with you through our website and the Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages, and to share with you why we love Kampala so much!

Please know that we have no commercial reasons for Kampalala. We designed the website and had it built purely out of our love for Kampala. And do forgive us for our mistakes in English, there should be plenty of those out there...We are still looking for a volunteer copy editor, so if you have some free time on your hands?

This is just the beginning! We have a huge list of shops, restaurants, activities and so much more to write about, so additions will be posted regularly. We would also love to hear from you about your favorites in this great city! Please drop us a line by clicking 'Share & Say Hi' in the green banner above or below or through Kampalala messenger.







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