Mayfair Casino & Club

You might not hear the famous words "rien ne va plus" in this casino, but all the casino stereotypes are there: the cigarette-lurking man at the poker table, numerous waitresses serving drinks and smokes, the rows of slot machines waiting to snatch some coins from hopeful customers and of course the voice of the lady in the middle of the room calling out your (un)lucky bingo numbers.


While I’m not a big fan of gambling, those who are into Poker, Black Jack or Roulette are bound to have a fun evening. The Mayfair houses eight roulette tables, eight card tables (Black Jack, Pontoon, Caribbean Poker, Brag and Seven Cards Poker) and twenty five slot and video machines. For those wanting some privacy, there are two roulette and two card tables in the back. The interior is surprisingly nice with all the red details and big paintings on the walls.

Be aware though that your hair and clothes will smell as if you finished a whole pack of cigarettes once you step out into the fresh air again. Truth be told, it's been a while back since I last visited the casino, so things might have changed. 

Tip: Before getting your hands on some poker chips in the casino, try the lovely (just 'al dente') pasta dishes at Italian restaurant Il Patio, which is located under the same roof. One thing's for sure: you won't leave the casino with an appetite, since food and drinks are complementary for all players.

A ♥ Kampalala

The Mayfair Casino & Club

Kisozi Close, off Kyagwe Road, Nakasero

+256 414258381

Slot and video machines are open daily from 12 pm onwards

On weekdays and Sundays tables are open from 2 pm – 5 am

On Friday, Saturday and public holidays tables are open from 2 pm – 6 am



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