Boda Boda City Tour

Yes, boda boda’s are reckless and dangerous. But a boda boda city tour is just sooo much fun! In my opinion, it’s the best and nicest way to discover and experience the city. Especially when family or friends are visiting. Always wear a helmet though, because unfortunately accidents with a boda in Kampala are nothing out of the ordinary.                                                          

You can customize your itinerary or let the boda driver take the lead. The tour will take between three and six hours.

My personal highlights:

  • The Gadaffi National Mosque, a beautiful moslim house of prayer on Kampala Hill. After climbing its 306 steps, the minaret will reward you with a 360 degrees view over the city which is pretty hard to beat.
  • Owino Market, an intens and sultry maze which stocks the most diverse products ranging from herbs and fruits to shoes and televisions. It’s also the biggest second hand clothing market of East Africa.
  • The old taxi place. Apparently there’s some sort of structure going on in this matatu chaos ....
  • The fish market at the end of Ggaba road. See and smell how the catch of the day is sold to the highest bidder. Have a taste of grilled tilapia, perch or catfish straight from Lake Victoria.

I have hit the road with two different companies: Walter’s Tours (, $40 a person) and Ricky’s Kampala Boda Boda City Tour (, $ 30 a person). They both offer helmets and can pick and drop you at your doorstep as long as it’s within 10 km of the city center. Their itinerary might differ a bit, take a look at their website for the latest information.

A ♥ Kampalala




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