Kardamom & Koffee


Although Kampalala is all about sharing the best places in town, I must admit that I felt a bit reluctant (quite an understatement...) to share Kardamom & Koffee on the web. Since one of the things that makes this place so special is its serenity. It would be a pity if that peace and quite got disturbed.

Luckily, Kardamom and Koffee isn’t designed to host big groups of people. Walking up the chairs of this airy, bright wooden house it’s like stepping into someone’s livingroom. Someone with really good taste. Happy colors flown in from India are everywhere. In the cushions with beautifully embroidered details, the cotton quilts, the elegant table linnen, the cheerful cups, purses, bags, jewelry, serving trays, table cloths and oh so much more. Let’s not forget the second hand books, which stack the shelves in different languages. Be warned, you won’t leave empty handed!

Light & Lovely

Charming owners Deepa and Rossini offer a lovely, light and healthy lunch. The Thai Cucumber Salad & Tom Yum Shrimp (18K) paired with a mini-pizza with anchovies, cheese and tomato (17K) and fresh Watermelon, Mint & Lime juice (8.5K) is absolutely delicious. Enjoying your lunch or drink inside is definitely nice, but taking a seat outside on the somewhat Japanse style terrace is even better. 


A ♥ Kampalala


Kardamom and Koffee

Plot 4, K.A.R. Road, Kololo

0755166744 / 0755167622

Mon – Sat: 9.30 am – 6 pm

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