Kampala Fair

Talk about a Kampala classic! Just like you can quite easily recognise a Zara outfit in Amsterdam, here in Uganda’s capital, a Kampala Fair outfit is not hard to spot.

Try a Marilyn or Sophia

That not only African ladies are fond of their brightly coloured fabrics with remarkable patterns, is something that the founders of Kampala Fair discovered quite fast. They bought yards of kitenge and transformed these color bombs into stylish Western models named after icons as Marilyn, Audrey and Sohia. Different styles which will suit different body shapes; hurray for all the apples and pears among us!

Don’t forget to take a look at the shorts, skirts, tops and children’s clothing too. I especially like the beautiful handmade rugs, which come in different sizes and prizes (110K up to 400K and beyond) and are made from remaining kitenge.

A ♥ Kampalala

Kampala Fair

Bukoto Street, plot 50, Kamwokya

+256 788405838

Mon. - Sat.: 9.30 am - 6 pm

Sun.: 9.30 - 3 pm.

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