We love boda boda rides. There is no better way to hit Kampala's busy roads than on a boda. But anyone a little bit longer in Kampala also knows of the many bad accidents.

Since we love you even more than boda boda rides, and we need you safely transported, anywhere, at any time, to check out the best addresses listed by Kampala, we would like you to try SafeBoda. 

SafeBoda is committed to your safety and client satisfaction. All drivers are trained in first aid, traffic and road safety, dealing with clients and bike maintenance. Drivers get a fair pay per trip and are committed to the SafeBoda Code of Conduct. 

So please download the app for free through Google Play (for Android) of the App Store (for IPhone) and make Kampala traffic a little safer for yourself and others. The SafeBoda. Drivers are recognizable by their orange vests and helmets, and also have a helmet (and hair net) available for you.

Y ♥ Kampalala





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