Wooden playhouses

Kampala has a lot of things, but an abundance in playgrounds is not one of them. So why not transform your own garden - or at least a part of it- into one?

Mr. Tree house

There are times I miss living in Amsterdam, where small play area’s seem to be hiding around every corner. Our garden though - and having one in Amsterdam is a dream coming true in itself - could only fit a drying frame. But look at me now! My lush Kampala garden, adorned with palms and beautiful bougainville, has made me spoiled for the rest of my life I’m afraid. Since I will probably never have so much green again, we decided to make the most out of it and have Julius Mpagi, aka the play area specialist, transform it into a fun playground for youthful outdoor lovers.

Slides, swings & sandpits

Within about a week and a half Julius can make you a tree houses with slides, swings, sandpits and climbing walls. The slides can be made out of plastic (expensive!) or wood. The wooden swings are adjustable in height, so they can ‘grow’ alongside your children. The chains on the swing are covered so that the children’s fingers don’t get stuck in there, thank God, that would be a real a fun killer.

Next to the classic swings, Julius can provide you with a big spider web swing, so that more kids can swing at the same time. By painting the seats of the swing and the roof of the tree house red, he adds a cheerful pop of color to all that wood. If you have very specific ideas about your envisioned play area, let Julius know.

A ♥ Kampalala

Julius Mpagi

Play area specialist

+256 782 195037

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